Denaq Nm-ru586-6 Replacment Battery

Rechargeable battery
Comparable to Lenmar(R) LENLBD1525
Compatible with Dell(R) Inspiron 1525 Dell(R) Inspiron 1526 Dell(R) Inspiron 1545 Dell(R) Inspiron PP29L Dell(R) Inspiron PP41L Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 1525 Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 1526 Dell(R) Dell Inspiron 1545 Dell(R) Dell Inspiron PP29L Dell(R) Dell Inspiron PP41L Dell(R) 0GW252-6 Dell(R) 0XR693-6 Dell(R) 312-0625-6 Dell(R) 312-0626-6 Dell(R) 312-0633-6 Dell(R) 312-0634-6 Dell(R) 451-10478-6 Dell(R) 451-10533-6 Dell(R) C601H Dell(R) D608H-6 Dell(R) GP952-6 Dell(R) GW240-6 Dell(R) GW252-6 Dell(R) HP(R)297-6 Dell(R) M911-6 Dell(R) RN873-6 Dell(R) RU586-6 Dell(R) WK379-6 Dell(R) X284G-6 & Dell(R) XR693-6

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