Eagle Aspen Satellite Finder Meter


[ Delivered In 3-7 Business Days ]


Connect the Eagle Aspen 500341 Satellite Finder Meter to your satellite dish and cable receiver, so you can find the best reception for your TV. This satellite meter finder features 950MHz-2,150MHz frequency response and is designed to utilize power from your receiver. It lets out a high pitch when you've found a satellite. The closer you get to the satellite, the higher the tone. There's also a side adjustment to correct your meter the way you like it.

The main reason for using a satellite signal strength meter is that the signal deflections are immediately visible and there is no lag as on some of the decoders.  A signal strength meter helps you tune your dish in the right direction for the best possible satellite signal. For example, a strong signal will not drop the channel during a rainstorm, but a weak signal will drop completely during inclement weather. The meter has two sockets on each side which are marked for LNB and Recorder / decoder. 


  • Digital Satellite Finder With Audio Tone.
  • Freq Resp: 950MHz-2150MHz.
  • Utilizes Power From Receiver.
  • Two Sockets On Each Side: LNB And Recorder / Decoder.
  • Item Weight: 1.25 Lbs.
  • Item Dimension: 4.5" L x 2.5" W x 1.5" H. 
  • Item Color: Black.
  • Backlit LCD Screen.

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