Wilson Electronics 4g Commercial Outdoor Omnidirectional Plus Cellular Antenna (; 50ohm ; N-female; 5db Gain)


[ Delivered In 3-7 Business Days ]


This is the Enterprise version of the Wilson 4G Building Mount Antenna. It has slightly larger and has higher gain than other building mount omni directional antennas. It comes with an N Female Connector. 

The new Wilson 4G Omni-Directional Building Antenna is designed to serve as an outdoor antenna for newer 4G building signal booster systems. The antenna is weatherproof and fiberglass-encased and is omnidirectional. It is ideal for building signal booster installs for homes, office buildings, portable buildings, trailers, etc. The antenna has a built-in ground plane for greatest performance.


  • Compatible with 4G LTE/3G signal boosters & all US & Canadian cellular carriers
  • High-gain 4G cellular signal output
  • 9.8" Tall
  • Up to +5dB gain
  • N-female connector
  • Connects to 50ohm cellular phone signal boosters & modems
  • -40deg -149deg F operating temperature
  • Vertically polarized & waterproof omnidirectional antenna
  • Compact low visual impact
  • Multimount bracket for masts or walls
  • All-weather protected
  • Easy to install at home or office
  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes wall mounting hardware & mounting plate

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