Xpower Airrow Pro Multipurpose Electric Duster & Blower (black)

$196.99 $289.95

[ Delivered In 3-7 Business Days ]


Unleash over 500 watts of power to blast away dust from window blinds, keyboards and electronics, underneath appliances, and so much more. More than just a replacement to your canned air dusters, the XPOWER Airrow Pro allows you the power and flexibility to dust, pump air, and dry a variety of surfaces. By replacing your canned air with the Airrow Pro you can feel confident about not only eliminating the cost of disposable canned air dusters, but freeing home/office of toxic inhalants as well.


  • Low 4.5A Draw With 90cfm Maximum Airflow Capacity. 
  • 8 Nozzle Attachments For Different Drying Applications. 
  • 2 Speed Settings. 
  • Lightweight & Durable. 
  • Includes 10ft Power Cord 8 Nozzles & User Manual
  • Color: Black

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